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F-Stop Beyond is now an “Experience”

December 18, 2008 2 comments

You’ve come to this site looking for F-Stop Beyond, the audio podcast. The show is now part of the “F-Stop Beyond: The EXPERIENCE” located at  What started as an audio podcast, grew to include a video podcast. It grows again to include a litany of original programming to entertain and inspire.

You can catch episodes 1-63 here. But for all future radio shows, log on to

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2008 Comments off

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re taking this week off due to Thanksgiving. That, and I’m busy packing for my big move. (More on that later. 🙂

Next week, we’ll be back in force with the author, photographer, speaker, and inspiration, Dane Sanders.

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Episode 61: Chenin and Doug Boutwell

November 7, 2008 6 comments

chenin-doug.jpgBeware. Today’s podcast is totally bitchin’! That’s right. I said bitchin’! If that introduction takes you aback, imagine the brides who come to Chenin Boutwell’s home page and read a similar warning. What I love about Chenin and Doug Boutwell is that they are true to themselves right through to the copy on their website. Fun. Pointed. A little rough around the edges. But always, “totally rad!” Today, the Boutwells talk about being truly “you,” unapologetically. We hear how Chenin turned her back on a potential legal career to pursue her passion of photography. We learn why Doug left the greatest universtity in the world (go Bears!) to be closer to his high school sweetheart (yes, that would be Chenin). And how he made the transition out of the wedding photography business to focus on what he truly loves: actions (while dabbling in fashion photography). And we get the inside scoop on their pending foray into parenthood. Are you ready for a bitchin’ interview?
Today’s musical outro is “Amplify the Sun” by Echofission, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Next week we have another “rad” couple—PPA Master Photographers-elect, Matt and Krystal Radlinsky. This one’s a hoot as we introduce the first official F-Stop Beyond drinking game. Tune in.

Episode 58: Jason Groupp

October 16, 2008 5 comments

jasong.jpgJason Groupp LOVES him some New York. (And yes, his name is spelled correctly. There are two p’s). So, it was only fitting that our re-scheduled interview was set on September 11. Jason recounts where he was that fateful day the “Twin Towers” fell. His story about seeing the first tower fall and the tidal wave of dust and debris on the tails of people running for their lives will give you goose bumps. How he struggled as a photographer between capturing what was obviously a world-changing event, and being respectful to the men and women working hard to save the lives of those trapped. Speaking of which, he shares the heart-felt story of how he lost one of his best friends, Fireman Bob. We also get to learn some interesting trivia bout the city the never sleeps. Like, did you know (according to Jason) that after the World Trade Center was built, New Yorkers hated it. They felt it messed up their iconic skyline (how ironic is that). I learned that SoHo means south of Houston (I think that’s what he said). Oh well, you’ll just have to listen to find out. Just in time for PhotoPlus Expo next week, listen to this great interview and get your New York fix. (Speaking of PPE, Jason also tells us the origin of his annual party.)

Today’s outro is the sweet, swingin’ sounds of “Tater City” by Glenn Shambroom, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Next week hear from portrait photographer and speaker Lori Nordstrom.

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Episode 57: Ann Hamilton

October 10, 2008 13 comments


Today we have a very special episode with my friend and insanely talented wedding and portrait photographer Ann Hamilton. After months of bending her arm to be on the show, I finally got the elusive one. Ann is a San Francisco based photographer who frequently shoots with “American Photo” Top 10 photographer, Gene Higa (he’s the Clyde to her Bonnie). Ann is also a world class pet photographer, practicing on the true “man” in her life, her pet pug, Bogie. (She’s actually going to be speaking about dog portraits at the next WPPI).

Today we find out what Ann was like as a little girl; her move from New York (where she grew up) out to San Fran; how she transitioned from being  a corporate communications writer at an insurance firm, to doing PR for a dot com, to professional photographer. (She’s self-taught and admits she started her career on disposable cameras). And we learn the origin of her famous/infamous collaboration with the aforementioned Mr. Higa. This is one of those interviews that will put a smile on your face. But it’s a bittersweet one, as Ann also opens up and shares with us about the death of her dad to cancer on August 1, 2007. The loss of someone so dear and close to her had a profound affect on her life. Your heart will be touched by what she shares.

Today’s uplifting outro song is “Every Single Moment” by Darius Lux, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Next week, just in time to get you hyped for PhotoPlus Expo in New York, is the I *heart* NY photo master himself, Jason Groupp.

Mike Colón Live at Brooks Quick Recap

October 8, 2008 2 comments

I want to thank everyone who came out to the live webcast interview with Mike Colón at Brooks Institute this past Monday. I know we had some technical difficulties maintaining the live video and audio feed. The A/V team went out there last week to check the equipment and of course, everything worked perfect then. Murphy’s Law was in full effect the night of the event. Thanks a million to Carlo Baez for stepping in to entertain the folks in the chat room and take questions.

The great news though is that we have almost three hours of an in-depth interview with Mike. He covered the gamut: how he got started in the business (the “real” story as he jokingly puts it. The anecdote about how he first called up [b]ecker as a groom in order to get info about wedding photography is classic); exactly how and why he raised his prices as quickly as he did; balancing work and family life; the importance of inner beauty; why he’s so open about his faith on his website and blog (for the record, it was a question from the chat room that prompted that discussion. ;-); sponsorships; and much, much more. We even had a quest star appearance from David Jay who I invited on stage for a bit. All around it was a terrific event.  Again, I apologize for those of you who tried to log on to the webcast. The 2-camera edit of the episode will definitely make up for what you missed. And we learned alot for next time.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this event happen: The Brooks Institute team (Tri, James, David, and Bethany), the PhotographyMentor team (Robert Evans, Curt Apanovich, Solomon and Drew), Julie Colón, and David Jay for being another surprise guest and for being a gracious host afterwards. And, of course, a huge, huge thanks to Mike for taking the time to come up and share with the Brooks students and the F-Stop Beyond audience FREE! Mike’s one class act! Thanks everyone.


One of the highlights of the event was a call from WeddingStyle Magazine chief honcho, Grace Ormonde herself. I made arrangements for Grace to call in and surprise Mike. She talked about their professional relationship, why she gravitated towards him, and gave talked about what she looks for in photo submissions.  Considering it was 11:25 pm her time when she called, I want to give her much props and a big “thank you” for helping make the event special.


The episode will air in December some time. It’ll probably be a 4-part series. You’ll be able to check it out at, or There will be exclusive bonus episodes too, of course. In the meantime, tune in later this month for our interview with “action hero” Kevin Kubota, then next month with [b]ecker. Great stuff in the works!

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Mike Colón Live at Brooks: F-Stop Beyond TV and PhotographyMentor

September 29, 2008 Comments off

mikecolon.jpgMark your calendar folks for a major event in the world of wedding and portrait photography. Celebrity wedding and lifestyle photographer Mike Colón will be the next featured guest on “F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color”. We are partnering with to produce this episode, in association with Brooks Institute. I’m very excited about this event. It will be a sort of Inside the Actors’ Studio, but for photography. In true FSB style, I’ll be sure to ask Mike deep and personal questions to learn more about the man behind the lens. But, we’re also going to discuss some of his best photos and take questions from the audience.

What’s even more thrilling about this episode is that is going to stream it live to their chat room. So, if you can’t make it to the event in person, check it out live. You won’t want to miss this one!

The episode will air online as usual later this year.


The event is FREE. That’s right. Zero dollars. Zilch. Nada. Just bring a warm body and a good question. First come first serve.

Date: Next Monday, October 6, 7:30 pm PST
Location: Victoria Hall, 33 West Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Stay tuned to this blog, F-Stop Beyond:In Living Color, the Cinematic Studios blog, or Ron’s Twitter for further details.


Also in the can and soon to be on the show is our interview with Kevin Kubota. Find out what it was like for little Kevvy-Kev growing up on the isle of Hawaii (FYI: I just made up the nickname. As far as I know, he was never called “little Kevvy-Kev.”) And, the original bad boy of wedding photography himself, the [b]-man will be on after that. We got chock full of exciting projects in the works. Tune in.

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