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WPPI 2010 Registration

December 29, 2009 Comments off

I’m still getting a few e-mails here and there about the FREE 2010 WPPI registration for people who posted any of the Longest Day videos earlier this year to their blogs. There is no automatic registration. You must contact WPPI with the same email you used to fill out the form. Tell them you filled out the form then they can check your email against the record of forms submitted. For good measure, include in your email the link to the blog post with the Longest Day video.

Sorry for any inconvenience. This may seem like a little extra work, but well worth saving a few hundred bucks.

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From Our Archives – Hilarious Outtakes

June 26, 2009 1 comment

Last year we produced an online series for WPPI called “Diary of a Washed Up Rock Star Wedding Photographer” starring celebrity lifestyle and wedding photographer Joe Photo. It told the story of how Joe was living a washed up life in a photo processing story after his fall from Grace. The series was a sequel to a comedy video we produced the year before at WPPI depicting a desperate Joe Photo trying to get his WPPI Awards show hosting gig back.

We’ve dug up from our old archives some of the outtakes from that series. These were previously password protected videos. Now they’re open to the world. These outtakes star Joe and Fast Track Photographer author Dane Sanders. I guarantee you’ll bust up. Enjoy! (Click image to play).

Team Videos Back Online – Grand Prize Winners

February 24, 2009 2 comments

For your individual viewing pleasure, this post has the four individual videos from Teams A and B. But before that, we have some unfinished business.


Every week we pick a name from those who left comments on a “Longest Day” episode to win a free Triple Scoop Music song (a $60 value). This week, we’ll pick another three winners from those who commented on the season finale post. And they are Bev Tecson, Lydia Takeo, and Sharon Benton. Congratulations!

We also had a drawing from those of you who left a comment in iTunes. Five winners were picked. All five of the winners will get a free song from Triple Scoop Music. But, one lucky winner will also receive a free copy of “The Longest Day” DVD set once it comes out. And the four TSM song winners are (using their iTunes nicknames): Lukeahoy, KelH, Farringtonphoto, and breysheet bara elohiym. If you are one of these lucky winners, email me and I’ll send you your prize.

And the grand prize winner is: gkalmbach. You win a free song from TSM, and a “Longest Day” DVD set. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for watching and participating.


And now, here are the individual team videos. You may notice that Team B’s videos look a little different than what you saw during the finale (particularly the PSA). Creative Consultant David Robin added the finishing touches there was no time to add the night of the shoot. These final videos are the completed vision.

“Late Nite with Jen Bebb” (Team A – Winning Entry)

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Thirst Relief PSA (Team A – Winning Entry)

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“Foto Freaks Foundation” (Team B)

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep PSA (Team B)

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And the winner is…

February 19, 2009 3 comments

And the winner of “The Longest Day” season 1 contest is….TEAM A!

Talk about a come back. If you followed the show throughout the past few weeks, and if you read the comments on the blog leading up to the finale, it was not looking good for Team A. The mid-way poll even had over 50% of voters voting for Team B as of half way through the series. Team A’s 4+ hours of deliberation paid off.

But, much props have to go to BOTH teams. Everyone worked really hard anb both projects were enjoybable to watch. And because of all their effort, Thirst Relief International will earn $3,000 and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep will get a $2,000 donation.

We will soon re-release the Team A and Team B videos individually, autonomous from the season finale. Until then, we took the finale down. Stay tuned to this blog to know when we’ll re-post the individual team videos and PSAs. Or, follow me on Twitter to find out.

I’m still in Vegas recovering from a long, tiring, but fulfilling week at WPPI. When I return, I’ll post this week’s drawing winners, and announce the winners of the iTunes drawing. If you haven’t left a comment in iTunes yet, you still can. Five winners will be drawn, one of whom will get the season 1 DVD set. Just do a search for “The Longest Day” in iTunes. Or, scroll down to any “Longest Day” video and click the “Subscribe to iTunes” link just above the video.

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Killer Kamera

February 14, 2009 19 comments

Legend tells of a cursed camera. Anyone who gets their picture taken with it, will die within 24 hours. Watch, if you dare. Bruhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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FSB068: "The Longest Day" Post Mortem

February 13, 2009 1 comment

If you’ve been a fan of the online reality TV series “The Longest Day”, you’ll love today’s episode of F-Stop Beyond. The series involved twenty-four of the top wedding and portrait wedding photographers from around North America. They were divided into two teams and given just twenty-four hours to write, shoot, and edit an original short film. The reality TV show involved the behind-the-scenes making of the two teams’ films. The drama. The antics. The mayhem. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check out the season recap (as well as the two final videos) at

Today, we have three of the cast members from the show: Jules Bianchi from Team A, and the two team creative consultants, Loyd Calomay and David Robin. Jules, Loyd, and David share with us the inside scoop of what happened that day that we didn’t see in the show. We answer questions like: why did Jim Garner and Bambi Cantrell of Team B already have a film idea sorted out? What happened in Team A’s room that caused the horror story idea go south? How Loyd and David did the editing “magic” they did for the videos? What was it like for Loyd and David coming into a mix of such big names in the photo industry?

Today’s outro music is, of course, “The Longest Day” theme music, “Morning Prayer” by Lianna Klassen, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music. Next week we’ll have another re-run as I’ll be at the annual WPPI Convention in Las Vegas.

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If you recall, Team A’s original idea was a horror story spoof about a cursed camera that would kill you within 24 hours if your picture was taken with it. At my ever so gentle suggestion, Team A actually filmed this video after they finished filming their main video. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to finish it that night. Well, considering that today is Friday the 13th, I thought it apropos to unveil that video for you.

Introducing “Killer Kamera”

For a limited time, the horror trailer will be shown exclusively on Log on today to find out where on the site you can see it. They have a very special and secret presentation you won’t want to miss! Head on over to now too see “Killer Kamera.”

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TLD10: The Longest Day – Series Recap and the Big Reveal

February 10, 2009 50 comments

Twenty-four photographers. Twenty-four hours. Two teams. But there can be only ONE winner.

It’s been a long journey for our “heroes,” but I’m finally proud to present “The Longest Day Big Reveal.” In this finale episode, we recap everything that has led us up to this point. Then, we reveal the teams’ videos.


Every week we pick a name from those who left comments on a “Longest Day” episode to win a free Triple Scoop Music song (a $60 value). This week, I’ve decided to pick THREE WINNERS. And they are Jasmine Marie of San Diego, CA; Riz Crescini or Norfolk, VA (or Japan), and Michelle Kane of Sheridan, Wyoming. Congratulations!


It’s official, we will be producing a DVD set of the series which will include all the episodes, the team videos, deleted scenes, and a bonus feature: the photographer’s summit meeting held the following morning.  Please take a moment to leave a comment about the show in iTunes, and at the end of the 10-episode run, we’ll conduct a drawing for FIVE free Triple Scoop Music songs from those who’ve left comments in the iTunes store. (That’s five people will each win a song). In addition, one lucky winner will win a the GRAND PRIZEClick here to access the show’s iTunes page.


Remember, if you post the video on your blog AND link that post back to WPPI, you’ll get a freebie pass to WPPI 2010. You must fill out the “freebie” form at the top of this blog to qualify. To get the embed code, click on the second icon in the bottom right-hand portion of the player. Then click on the “Embed” tab to access the code.


In episodes 4-9, there is a 5-digit discount code in the end sponsor credits. If you use that code with these participating sponsors, you can get some great discounts.

  • Microsoft Expression Media 2:  Use the code for a 50% savings on the “Better Together” software bundle of Capture One 4 and Microsoft Expression Media 2 (a $100 savings). Available for both Windows and Mac, Capture One 4 and Microsoft Expression Media 2 provide photographers with an accelerated, intuitive, and flexible RAW processing work flow solution. Excellent color and tonal values, easy photo asset management. Better Together… Click here.
  • Triple Scoop Music: enter the 5-digit code at check out and get 10% off world class music. Log on to
  • Photographer’s Edit: For a limited time, Photographer’s Edit is excited to offer “The Longest Day” viewers a one-time 15% discount on its processing services! Photographer’s Edit specializes in the processing of weddings, and we think you’ll love our Effortless approach. Click here.
  • Loktah: In celebration of launching our new products, Loktah is going to offer something very special for all “The Longest Day” viewers.  Loktah will be offering a 15% off coupon which will be good for anything in our online store, which includes our new album/image portfolio boxes, photo-folios, and double and single dvd/cd cases. Just look for the discount code while watching “The Longest Day”.  Our new products are still 100% eco-friendly and you and your clients will find them to be a beautiful and unique way to present your product.

Please take some time to visit the sites of our sponsors.

Microsoft Expression Media 2WPPIAsuka Book Kubota Image ToolsTriple Scoop Music
Photographer’s EditLoktahMike Colón Photographers

Congratulations to Team A for their win. Their long hours of deliberation paid off. Thirst Relif will earn $3,000 as a result of their win. But don’t feel bad for the other team’s charity. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a “winner” too. They will receive $2,000.