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FSB106: Will Jacks and Chris Williams

February 12, 2010

The most important talent a visual artist can develop is his or her creativity. It is arguably the essence of any visual artist. So it is with great pleasure that I have as my guests today wedding and portrait photographers Will Jacks of Cleveland, MI and Chris Williams out of the Superbowl-winning New Orleans, LA. These two have embarked upon a rather unique venture. In an industry inundated with workshops, they have started a new one. But this is not a photography workshop. It’s not a filmmakers workshop. It’s a creativity workshop called REBIRTH. When I heard about it and saw what they were doing, I just knew I had to get them on the show. They first tell us a little bit about their respective histories. Will actually started out in the movie industry but was not too fond of the process. He even taught 7th and 8th grade English. Chris thought he’d be a drummer in a band, but hated that life. He fell in love with photography and grew a prominent wedding photography business.

Will describes the workshop more as a retreat. It’s job is not to teach you anything specifically, but is instead designed to help you enhance the creativity that’s already inside of you. You won’t learn how to use a Pocket Wizard, but instead creative ways on finding light. And although there will be a few classes specifically geared towards photography (including a session shooting with film), the bulk of the sessions will be applicable to any visual artist: filmmaker, photographer, or painter. This is a discussion about creativity and how you can boost it and how you can stay passionate about your art.

The workshop is March 30 to April 2 in Will’s hometown. Learn more at rebirthworkshops.com.

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Will Jacks and Chris Williams on F-Stop Beyond
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  1. Zak
    February 13, 2010 at 12:19 am

    Great interview guys! Would love to hang with ya'll someday!

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