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FSB102: Matt Mendelsohn

January 15, 2010

Matt is one of those photographers who has seen and photographed just about it all. Celebrities. Big sporting events. Poverty. War. Lavish weddings. From his days working at the college paper (he was an English major that failed Chaucer four times), to his days as a photojournalist at USA Today and United Press International, to his current role as a high society wedding photographer. Matt has over two decades of stories to share. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to go over ALL his stories. So in today’s riveting episode, after learning about his history and foray into the industry, he shares with us some of the stories behind a few of his favorite photos. Shooting Nicole Kidman (he had exactly 10 minutes!) Getting his job put into perspective by Chris Rock. Capturing five living US presidents (from both sides of the party line) in one shot. Reflecting on the moment right before Yitzhak Rabin shook the hand of Yasser Arafat with Bill Clinton. And the shot the made Neil Leifer (one of the greatest sports photographers of all time) comment, “That’s a helluva picture kid!” This episode is quite a gem!

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Matt Mendelsohn.
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Next week we have ShootQ Grant winner Annie O’Neill.

  1. January 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Awesome video! It is always nice to hear the voice behind the lens and even better with a photographer who has had so many interesting experiences.

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