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FSB101: Drew Gardner

January 8, 2010

Today’s guest came highly recommended from past guest Gabrielle Geiselman. Drew Gardner is a world renown photographer out of the United Kingdom who’s been in the business for three decades this year. He is respected by the best in the business and has a great story. He quit high school at 15-1/2 and began working as a pro at 16. He is completely self-taught. In this interview Drew talks about his history, what it was like as a young boy hearing stories about raids on Londoon during WWII from his grand parents, his relationship with his parents and how that has affected his photography, and the relationship with his own daughter. He also talks about what he feels is the future of the industry: the HD DSLR revolution.

You can keep up to date with Drew and his work on is blog:  www.thedarkart.com.

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Next week we have photojournalist turned wedding photographer Matt Mendelsohn.

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