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FSB097: Jeremy Cowart and Help-Portrait

December 3, 2009

Earlier this year we had an amazing interview with Nashville, TN commercial photographer Jeremy Cowart. Today I asked Jeremy back on the show to tell us about a terrific worldwide movement he’s started called Help-Portrait. Help-Portrait is a project where on December 12 of this year, photographers all over the world will find people in need, take their picture, and give those people the print. It is an opportunity for you to use your craft to love on somebody. To make them feel beautiful. To give them a sense of dignity. Jeremy shares with us how and why he came up with the idea, and he also talks about the controversy that surrounded the project when it first started. We hear some inspiring stories about the project, some behind the scenes info about the promo video (see below), and Jeremy tells us how you can get involved in your local community.

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Here is the current Help-Portrait promo.


Next week we have an hilarious interview with wedding photojournalists husband and wife team (and friendly competitors) Pepper Nix and Mitch Burt. Don’t miss it.

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  1. sloanie
    December 4, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I've been thinking about the question in this interview regarding what really inspires us to take action. You mentioned movies that inspire us in the moment but don't move us to action per se.

    The first thing I can think of is that there's a disconnect between what we see in movies and our own realities. We feel inspired but we don't necessarily make a connection between what happens on screen and what we can do in our own lives, with our own talents and spheres of influence.

    This is how help-portrait differs for me from a movie. help-portrait is real– it really got me thinking "who do I know that I could serve with my own abilities and passions?" Because the serving being done is both something I enjoy and something I can do. It's a clear opportunity to serve and love.

    So… I think at least part of the answer to the question is just realizing that there are ways to make a difference in the lives of others using our own unique skills and abilities.

    Great interview, love what Jeremy has started and what he and his team are making happen.

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