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FSB087: Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble

July 10, 2009

Today’s guests are two giants in the world of social media and technology. Zoomr founder and Flickr sensation Thomas Hawk, and technology writer extraordinaire Robert “Scobleizer” Scoble. Both also happen to be terrific photographers (although I’m sure Robert would down play his talent). In this information packed episode, we learn about how each got started in photography, how they met and became friends, their take on the changing technological landscape and how it affects photography, and they chime in on the provocative “terms of service” issue. Should you as an artist really be concerned with Facebook’s, Flickr’s, or any other site’s TOS as it relates to the photos and/or video you post there? Speaking of large social media sites, they also give poignant commentary on some sites’ censorship practices and the ramifications of such practices not only for your photography, but society in general. Lastly we find out why they’re such big fans of Friend Feed. I’m sure this is an episode you’ll listen to over again.


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Today is our last first-run episode for a few weeks. I’ll post some of my favorite re-runs from the past two years to keep your FSB fix alive.

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