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FSB082: Christine Tremoulet

June 6, 2009

My favorite blogging program is WordPress (the blog you’re reading is a WordPress blog). So, I was excited and surprised to learn that today’s guest, Christine Tremoulet (weddidng and boudoir photographer, and a self-admitted geek) is the person who came up with the name WordPress. Christine is a good friend of Matt Mullinweg (the lead developer of the platform) and at the time he was developing it, she suggested the name (she’s even mentioned in Wikipedia under her maiden name Selleck). At the time she had owned her own blog hosting company and was active in the whole internet developer scene. But ever since high school she was in love with taking pictures. She just never thought she could make money at it. So, after selling her blog hosting company, she determined that was the best time to pursue her passion.

Today’s show is a fun and enlightening look at Christine’s life and the world of Web 2.0. As someone with almost 3,900 Twitter followers, she has a thing or two to say about the topic. She talks about the importance of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and how they all give her clients a sense of comfort and who she is. She even gives us her take on how the proliferation of digital photos on Facebook is affecting the photography world. If you’re wondering if all this talk about blogs and Twitter are worth it in your photography business, this interview will put you at ease. But perhaps the most amazing thing we learn in this interview is that despite being a geek, until only a few years Christine did not know that Luke and Leia were twins. (Scary!) You’ll have a lot of fun (and learn a bunch too) with this one.

Next week we have celebrity music and commercial photographer Jeremy Cowart. Just nine months after starting his commercial photography business, he got to interview Sting. ‘Nuff said. Don’t miss it

  1. June 15, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    it’s nice to hear of another photographer with honda/toyota driving clients, where photography is a top priority. i’m with ya there. it is nice to have clients that you understand & they understand you (to an extent!).

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