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FSB077: Deborah D. Lattimore (Flickr Phenom)

April 24, 2009

It’s my goal to have F-Stop Beyond be a place where you can learn not only from the best “professionals” in the world, but also from some passionate photographers who’d you least expect. Today we have a special episode with a photographer who is not a professional photographer by trade, but she has been paid good money for some of her photos. Her name is Deborah D. Lattimore, and she has become somewhat of a sensation on Flickr. She’s gotten news coverage from the likes of San Francisco Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, and Popular Photography, and has given workshops at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and presented her work at the Apple Store.

Deborah will talk about how she got addicted to Flickr and how she’s been paid up to $4,000 in royalties from companies who found her work on Flickr. She’ll talk about some of the tricks of the trade to help your photos get found on Flickr by agencies, and the kind of things you need to be aware of when posting your work.  I think her story will encourage and inspire the artist in you. All the more so when you learn how her love for photography, and the community she found on Flickr, has helped her to cope with breast cancer (discovered just last September). I bet that her story will be one of the most inspiring you’ll hear this year on the show. I’m proud to have had Deborah as a guest.

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Next week we’ll have Senior Portrait Artist Top New Artist of the Year, Scott Hayne and his wife and partner Adina.

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