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Find the FSB RangeFinder Ad and Win Prizes

April 16, 2009

Are you ready to win some valuable prizes? We have a couple of fun contests coming your way where you can. Here’s the first:


F-Stop Beyond has an ad in the April issue of RangeFinder Magazine. Find it, Tweet about it on Twitter, and be entered into a drawing at the end of the month to win some very cool prizes. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Find the ad in the April 2009 issue of RangeFinder Magazine.
  2. Note what page it’s on. (Hint: if you use the index, look for the new name of our company. It’s no longer Cinematic Studios).
  3. Then on Twitter, enter this tweet: @rondawson The F-Stop Beyond ad in RangeFinder this month is on page xxx — where “xxx” is the page number (note, the page number isn’t necessarily a 3-digit number). You must enter the @rondawson part correctly or else I won’t be able to see your tweet when I do a Twitter search for it.
  4. You can tweet as many times as you like. Do it once a day if you like. Every hour even. You can use a free service like Tweet Later to schedule multiple tweets (they have a lot of other cool features too).
  5. Every qualifying Tweet will be entered into the drawing. You can win multiple times!
  6. The drawing will be held a the end of the month.


Here are the great sponsors offering value

Author, photo business coach, and wedding pro Dane Sanders is offering an audio book, a pDNA (Photographer’s DNA test) and a free eBook.

CameraDojo.com will provide their Dojo Lightroom Tools preset pack for Adobe Lightroom. The Lightroom Tools pack contains the Dojo Powertools, Dojo Wedding Tools, and Dojo Monochrome tools for almost 75 different Lightroom presets in all. This is a $44.85 value. CameraDojo.com is a leading source of news, tutorials, and product reviews for aspiring photographers. The Camera Dojo has several free Lightroom preset packs available as well as a Power Tools for speeding up your workflow, Wedding Tools for wedding and portrait photographers, and the new Monochrome Tools for getting the best B&W images possible.

Camera Slingers is a Double Camera Strap that allows you to carry two cameras at once! Camera Slingers takes the pressure off your neck and spine. The weight is spread out evenly.� Your back will love you! “Freedom to shoot the way you want without worrying about your straps”

Photographers’ Round Table/The Longest Day Season DVD

We’re going to produce a DVD of the photographer’s round table that we taped the day after filming “The Longest Day.” Over twenty of the country’s top pro wedding and portrait photographers share with us their secrets and how they deal with this economy. Mediated by Skip Cohen it’s an excellent educational tool. The DVD will also include all episodes from “The Longest Day” as well as some bonus videos which didn’t air during the season run. We’re going to add this to the prize list as well.

So what are you waiting for. Start tweeting today!

  1. April 27, 2009 at 4:25 am

    Camera slingers seem like a useful tool for wedding photographers. Just wondering how it stacks up to the r-strap. Would love to read a review sometime.

  1. April 17, 2009 at 2:59 am
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