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FSB075: Kent and Sarah Smith

April 11, 2009

How many of you would be willing to cut 25% of your revenue so that you could  have a better life for yourself? Today we’ll speak with a couple that did just that—two giants in the world of teen and family portraiture, Kent and Sarah Smith. About 7 years ago at a time when their studio was grossing over $900,000 a year, $250K of that was from weddings. When they were forced to leave a great vacation in Italy in order to get home in time to shoot Saturday weddings, two weddings that involved a lot of stress, it was then and there they decided to quit weddings cold turkey. They’ve since made up that revenue with just their portrait business and life is so much better for them because of it.

Kent and Sarah share with us stories from their 25+ years in the business. A lot of you do same-day slide shows at your weddings. Hah! Kent was doing slide shows at the weddings back in 1982 when he was literally using slides! He’d shoot the weddings on slide film, then develop them in the back of his van and project them later that evening. They comment on leadership, the use (over-use) of Photoshop, we talk about the movie Braveheart, getting paid what you’re worth, and how to keep the passion of your art when running a business has turned your love photography into a “job.” And I get to get back on my soap box about the exploitation of teens in sexually explicit advertising. This is one of those episodes that covers the whole gamut. Don’t miss out.

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Next week we have on the show wedding photographer, savvy businessman, and music aficionado Fred Egan.

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  1. Roman
    April 14, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    very informative interview, thanks!

  2. April 16, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Awesome interview Ron, even with the technical difficulties. It’s a joy to listen to these interviews. Thanks so much!

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