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FSB074: Chris and Katie Humphreys

April 3, 2009

At a relatively young age, and in just five short years, Chris and Katie Humphreys have become rising stars in the world of wedding photography. They are speakers at Pictage, give webinars for liveBooks, are writing for ProPhotoResource.com, and all around genuine people. Theirs is another inspiring story of two people who kind of fell into photography and bloomed. After failing miserably as a camp counselor for little kids, Chris (who was a music major of all things) asked the camp owners if there was another job he could do. There was: taking photos. He fell in love with photography. He sought a job at the college paper as a photographer, and one fateful day, in a very funny way, he met David Jay (who at the time had recently started his own wedding photography business, and is now world renown instructor and CEO of ShowItFast). David hired Chris as an assistant, and soon encouraged him to “leave the nest.” He later “dragged” his then girlfriend Katie into the business, and the rest as they say is history.

In this fun interview, Chris and Katie fill in the details of how they got started and how they met. They share how the differences in their personalities actually helps them in their business and staying sane as married couples who work together.

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Next week we have another married couple, this time at the other end of the age spectrum, Kent and Sarah Smith, 20+ year veterans and leaders in the world of family and senior portraiture.

We’ve had the pleasure of producing for Chris and Katie this video that shows them in action at both a wedding and an engagement shoot.

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