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FSB071: Trevor Brucki

March 13, 2009

Today we get to spend time with one of our photog friends to the north. Trevor Brucki of Winnipeg, Canada is a very talented photographer and savvy business person as well (he was recently featured on an episode of Becker’s B-School blog). Like last week’s guest Kevin Swan, Trevor is a guy who has had no formal photo school training, but has taken his artistic skill and combined it with a keen business sense, to be one of the most successful wedding photographers in his area. Trevor shares with us today about his thoughts on the importance of being a great people person in this business, what the economic climate is like in Canada, and he gives us a Canadian social studies lesson…kind of. (If you ever wanted to know what the political make up is like in Canada, this is the show for you). He also talks about competition, clients, and how he feels when he loses a gigvis a vis when one of his competitors does. It’s a great insight into the psyche of competition.

Most importantly, Trevor talks about IL-FOTO (an organization he started with his two biggest competitors, Joel Ross and Manuel Sousa) that is committed to the fight against breast cancer. Essentially, they join forces to offer a combined wedding package (worth $20,000 of photography) and donates the proceeds. This is a fun, insightful, and educational interview you won’t want to miss.

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Next week, we interview rising star in the world of fashion photography, and recent contestant on VH1’s “The Shot,” Piper Carter.

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