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Team Videos Back Online – Grand Prize Winners

February 24, 2009

For your individual viewing pleasure, this post has the four individual videos from Teams A and B. But before that, we have some unfinished business.


Every week we pick a name from those who left comments on a “Longest Day” episode to win a free Triple Scoop Music song (a $60 value). This week, we’ll pick another three winners from those who commented on the season finale post. And they are Bev Tecson, Lydia Takeo, and Sharon Benton. Congratulations!

We also had a drawing from those of you who left a comment in iTunes. Five winners were picked. All five of the winners will get a free song from Triple Scoop Music. But, one lucky winner will also receive a free copy of “The Longest Day” DVD set once it comes out. And the four TSM song winners are (using their iTunes nicknames): Lukeahoy, KelH, Farringtonphoto, and breysheet bara elohiym. If you are one of these lucky winners, email me and I’ll send you your prize.

And the grand prize winner is: gkalmbach. You win a free song from TSM, and a “Longest Day” DVD set. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for watching and participating.


And now, here are the individual team videos. You may notice that Team B’s videos look a little different than what you saw during the finale (particularly the PSA). Creative Consultant David Robin added the finishing touches there was no time to add the night of the shoot. These final videos are the completed vision.

“Late Nite with Jen Bebb” (Team A – Winning Entry)

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Thirst Relief PSA (Team A – Winning Entry)

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“Foto Freaks Foundation” (Team B)

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep PSA (Team B)

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