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FSB068: "The Longest Day" Post Mortem

February 13, 2009

If you’ve been a fan of the online reality TV series “The Longest Day”, you’ll love today’s episode of F-Stop Beyond. The series involved twenty-four of the top wedding and portrait wedding photographers from around North America. They were divided into two teams and given just twenty-four hours to write, shoot, and edit an original short film. The reality TV show involved the behind-the-scenes making of the two teams’ films. The drama. The antics. The mayhem. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check out the season recap (as well as the two final videos) at thelongestday.tv.

Today, we have three of the cast members from the show: Jules Bianchi from Team A, and the two team creative consultants, Loyd Calomay and David Robin. Jules, Loyd, and David share with us the inside scoop of what happened that day that we didn’t see in the show. We answer questions like: why did Jim Garner and Bambi Cantrell of Team B already have a film idea sorted out? What happened in Team A’s room that caused the horror story idea go south? How Loyd and David did the editing “magic” they did for the videos? What was it like for Loyd and David coming into a mix of such big names in the photo industry?

Today’s outro music is, of course, “The Longest Day” theme music, “Morning Prayer” by Lianna Klassen, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music. Next week we’ll have another re-run as I’ll be at the annual WPPI Convention in Las Vegas.

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If you recall, Team A’s original idea was a horror story spoof about a cursed camera that would kill you within 24 hours if your picture was taken with it. At my ever so gentle suggestion, Team A actually filmed this video after they finished filming their main video. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to finish it that night. Well, considering that today is Friday the 13th, I thought it apropos to unveil that video for you.

Introducing “Killer Kamera”

For a limited time, the horror trailer will be shown exclusively on PhotographyMentor.com. Log on today to find out where on the site you can see it. They have a very special and secret presentation you won’t want to miss! Head on over to PhotographyMentor.com now too see “Killer Kamera.”

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