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FSB Re-run: Zack Arias

February 6, 2009

This week we continue our tribute to the ONE conference with a re-run of episode 54 with Zack Arias. Zack gives a very personal account of the consequences running a studio can have on a marriage. Zack is an editorial and press photographer specializing in the music industry. In five years he’s photographed over 350 bands and indie artists in the fields of rock and hip-hip (including Big Boi, half of the hip-hop team Outkast). He’s funny, insightful, an insanely talented photographer (check out his One Light DVD and workshop), and an all around great guy (don’t let the tattoo’s and ZZ Top-style beard scare you).  Enjoy!

Stay tuned every week as we have some terrific new interviews upcoming, including: Parker Pfister, Trevor Brucki, Kevin Swan, Marc Silber, Piper Carter, Chris and Katie Humphrey, and the mother/daughter team of SPA, Kia Bondurant and Sana Antisdel.

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