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FSB Re-run: A Special Episode for Married Couples

January 31, 2009

Last year, Jeff and Julia Woods of Portrait Life hosted the first annual ONE Conference: a unique seminar geared towards small studios where one or more of the owners are married. It is designed to deal with and face the issues associated with keeping a healthy marriage, while at the same time running a small (or large) studio. Registration has opened up again for this year’s conference, and in honor of that, I’m replaying the special episode we recorded last August with guests Jeff and Julia Woods, Jen and Steve Bebb, and Dane Sanders. It’s a must-listen episode if you’re married (or thinking about it) and run a small studio.

Next week, I continue the ONE series with a re-run of our interview with music industry photographer (and now fellow Atlantian) Zack Arias.

We have a slew of great interviews lined up for you, with wedding, portrait, and commercial photographers, including: Parker Pfister, Trevor Brucki, Kevin Swan, Marc Silber, Piper Carter, Chris and Katie Humphrey, and the mother/daughter team of SPA, Kia Bondurant and Sana Antisdel. And I hope to grab some interviews while at WPPI too. Are you ready to be inspired!

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