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Episode 60: Jay Lawrence Goldman

November 1, 2008

jaygoldman.jpgPrince. Led Zeppelin. Wayne’s World. Purple Rain. Favorite guitar influences. These are not necessarily the topics you’d expect to hear on a photography podcast. Unless that podcast is F-Stop Beyond. Today’s interview with commercial, wedding, portrait, and product photographer Jay Lawrence Goldman is one of the most fun I can remember. Jay’s love for music leads us into a discussions about the aforementioned topics. (In fact, Jay wrote the outro music for today). We also talk about generation gaps, family, the movie “Cars” (according to Jay did you know “Cars” was Paul Newman’s largest grossing film), and much more. And don’t worry, we also get some sage advice from this 20 year veteran of the industry as he shares with us his take on newbies in the business, giving physical proofs in a digital world, editing your own job, what it was like for him when he first started, and the impetus for his homage to Avedon’s “The American West.” I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

As I mentioned earlier, Jay was kind enough to compose an original song for this week’s outro. I want to hear from you listeners what you think: should I replace the current opening song for FSB and make this the new official show opening tune? Leave a comment on our blog fstopbeyond.com and let me know. Or, send an email to feedback@fstopbeyond.com.

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Next week we have two Totally Rad photographers, Chenin and Doug Boutwell. Don’t miss it.

Lastly, I want to than listener Alex Maldonado for giving me the tip about adding album art to the mp3 files. If you download the show now, you’ll notice I’ve added the photographer’s photo. Thanks for the tip Alex, and thanks for listening.

  1. November 3, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Another great episode!!!!

    I really agree with what he said about editing your own stuff…I am still fairly new to this…However, I think it is crazy to outsource everything to other people.

    I want to create something for my clients beyond just taking a photo…I want to have total control over everything. The most common thing I see is album outsourcing, that is one of the things I want to have control over most… that is for my clients, and my clients hired me to give them the pictures that I create and part of that creation is actually processing the prints and creating the album.

    I guess call me absolutely creative, but I love the processing work and I believe you give alot more to your clients when you do everything yourself, beyond just shooting their wedding.

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