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Episode 59: Lori Nordstrom

October 24, 2008

lorinordstrom.jpgWhen I mention the name Madison County, for many of you, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the classic covered bridges and the best selling book and critically acclaimed movie. Well, Madison County is also home to today’s guest, star portrait photographer and speaker, Lori Nordstrom. The film buff in me gets to chat a while with Lori about her famous county and the controversy of a romance movie about infidelity filmed in such a conservative midwest county. The discussion about the movie leads to discussions about Lori’s small “Mayberry” town and how she ended up moving from Texas to Winterset, IA.  Lori also shares with us how she balances running a successful portrait studio and raising kids. She opens up about her own divorce and gives our listeners some sage advice about the importance of assigning responsibilities in a marriage in order to set expectations. If you’re in this business with a spouse, even if your spouse doesn’t directly work with you in the business, I encourage you to listen to Lori’s story and be inspired by what she’s learned in life.

In tribute to the romance of the covered bridges of Madison County, and as a nod to the book and movie about the famous county, today’s musical outro is “Love Letters” by Kirsten Vogelsang courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Next week, Jay Lawrence Goldman and I talk movies and music. It’s one of the most fun interviews I’ve had. Don’t miss it!

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