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Episode 52: Cliff Mautner and Controversy Commentary

September 4, 2008

cliffmautner.jpgWe got a super-sized serving of the show for you today. If you’re making your way out to Pictage PartnerCon next week, this episode is perfect for that long drive or flight. First up is my commentary on the e-mail I got earlier this week  from a listener complaining about the number of photographers we’ve had own who talk about their faith. This listener called them idiots was tired of them “eschewing their pompous religious beliefs.” Read the September 2 blog post to see the e-mail, as well as the comments I got from other listeners in response. The support was overwhelming. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement for this show’s unique format. Hear what I have to say about the topic in this week’s show.

Second, and most important, we have a fantastic interview with “master of light,” Cliff Mautner. This guy is on fire! He’s an American Photo Magazine “Top 10” photographer, Nikon’s top international wedding photography spokesperson, an instructor, speaker, and with over a quarter of a century shooting photos, his career has run the gamut from photojournalism and editorial to weddings and portrait. What I like about Cliff is that he has no qualms speaking his mind, even if you don’t like what he has to say. He’s an east coast native, shoot-from-the-hip-kind of guy. And boy, you definitely get that here. His openness and honesty is refreshing. You’ll notice a few  “colorful” phrases dropped here and there, so beware if you have little ones listening. Cliff talks about a whole lotta stuff: his beginnings shooting for the Philadelphia Enquirer; the experience of shooting heart-wrenching assignments as a photojournalist; the demise of photojournalism in newspapers today; how he once poo-pooed wedding photography; how he does NOT consider himself a wedding “photojournalist”; being a dad and work-life balance; how he stays motivated; he chimes in on the influx of photography instructors who’ve barely been shooting for a few years; we hear his thoughts on photographers reading other photographers blogs all day long to get ideas for this Saturday’s wedding; and he comically comments on the difference between copying someone else’s style vs. being inspired. This is Cliff Mautner. Unbridled. Can you take it?

This week’s musical outro is “Back to You” by Mike Schmid, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Next week we bring back Rachel LaCour-Niesen of LaCour Photo as a guest along with ShootQ Grant winner Sherryln Borkgren. Rachel and Sherrlyn discuss the importance of photographers using their craft to raise public awareness, and Sherryln’s winning application to take photos of the state of atrocities happening to women in the Congo. It’s a powerful episode you won’t want to miss.

  1. September 5, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Hey I really liked this podcast. He’s got a good perspective and doesn’t put up with a lot of the BS in our industry – kudos!

  2. September 5, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Ron – I got your email last week about the “controversial comment.” My immediate reaction was to get on your site and post a counter comment on what he said and also to defend the show. However, I decided to just and see what your reaction would be to this kind of situation and to read what others had to say as well.

    First of all, don’t be surprised when you get opposition. With any good things you do, you are going to face them so it didn’t surprise me that you received an anonymous comment like that. And I think our reaction to it should not be to fight fire with fire. I agree what who ever wrote that comment didn’t do it very wisely but then I don’t it was also appropriate for us to just go ahead and rip that person for posting that kind of comment. I think you showed some compassion towards that person and I’m glad that you did that. Obviously there’s deeper issues behind that person that we probably don’t see masked with such criticism. I just want you to know that I think you handled it wisely even based on what you said in this interview.

    Thank you and keep on doing what you are doing. This week’s interview is solid. I love how you mix the veterans with newbies in this show. Cliff, though I never had a pleasure to meet yet, sounds like a solid guy. I checked out his work and is very impressive and would welcome the opportunity to meet him one day. I’m glad there are veterans like him in this industry who paved the way for lot of us young guns.

    Despite lot of people sharing about their faith being their source of inner drive what they do, I really didn’t see that as the main focus. I think your show emphasizes more each photographer’s uniqueness – their background, character, personality, etc. I do however think that you point out and emphasize folks that are still single 🙂

    Thanks again Ron for another great interview. Keep on using your gifts. You rock!

  3. September 5, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    Cliffy’s da man!

  4. October 10, 2008 at 10:57 pm


    That is all.

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