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Episode 47: Jared Bauman

August 1, 2008

jared-bauman.jpgAt the ripe old age of 25 (yes, that’s right, two-five) Jared Bauman has not only created a wildly successful San Diego studio, but last year started the post production business Shoot dot Edit. For a guy who had no idea what he was doing in his business when he started it in college, he finally got a grip on this entrepreneurial thing. (He actually started his business in photography to prove to himself that he couldn’t be a success at business. I guess he was wrong.) But there is so much more to Jared than the wunderkind businessman. In this episode, our last in a series on photographer entrepreneurs, Jared shares with us his thoughts on work life balance, the success of youth in this industry, his faith and how it drives him, and his friendship with that curly-haired crazy man, Bronson. This is an inspiring episode you’d be foolish to miss.

Next week we interview the multi-talented, ex-massage therapist, ex-Olympic skier hopeful, bi-coastal photographer Catherine Hall.

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