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Episode 46: Jim Kennedy

July 24, 2008

jimkennedy.jpgIf you ever needed an inspirational story of the good ol’ American dream, look no further than Jim Kennedy. Jim owns one of the most successful studios in southern California, in “the OC” specifically (that would be Orange County). Last year Jim Kennedy Photographers shot over 290 weddings. His Huntington Beach studio is a dream, with large plasma screen TVs as photo displays in the window. He and his wife (who’s also one of the photographers in the studio) also own a boutique clothing store next door called Stephanie James Couture. All the vendors know his name and praise his work. Yet, it wasn’t always this good for Jim. He lost his mom to cancer at age 16 and his dad three years later. With no family support, married at a young age with kids by the time most his age were graduating from college, and then eventually becoming a single dad, life was hard. At the beginning of his photography career, he was living paycheck to paycheck, and the strain of the business was a major contributor to his first marriage ending (ironically, his ex-wife is now a big supporter and fan. Jim also points to their young age and immaturity contributed to that first marriage ending). But now, with a blended family, a beautiful wife, four wonderful kids (both step and natural), and two successful businesses, Jim is sitting on top of the world (he’ll also be speaking at WPPI ’09 next year in a Master Class). In this interview, you’ll learn the value of hard work, taking initiative, and never losing hope.

Next week, we visit another wildly successful studio owner, entrepreneur, speaker, and trainer, Jared Bauman of Bauman Photographers and the post production business, Shoot dot Edit. All by the age of 25!

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