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"F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color" Coming Soon

July 23, 2008

We are currently in post production on what will be the inaugural episode of F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color (aka “F-Stop Beyond TV.”) This first episode(s) has as the guest wedding photographer “Young Gun,” Open Source Photo Founder, and ShowIt Fast CEO David Jay. We spent an entire afternoon with David as he gave us a tour of his awesome Santa Barbara pad and spoke with us about life, love, software, and photography. I guarantee you’ll see and hear a side of David you haven’t before.

We’re actually going to have three parts of this interview:

  • The traditional “up close and personal” interview that is the F-Stop Beyond hallmark. Expect to see some special guest star appearances that even DJ wasn’t expecting.
  • A special “MTV Cribs” style tour of DJ’s “Freedom House” (available exclusively to e-mail subscribers of F-Stop Beyond TV. This will be a FREE subscription. Stay tuned for more info).
  • A special extended interview with DJ (similar to Oprah’s “After the Show”) where DJ will get into more detail about marketing and business. This extended interview will be available exclusively to DJs Freedom Club subscribers.

As you can see from the RangeFinder ad below, the URL for the TV version of the show will be, you guessed it, fstopbeyond.tv. Currently, it points to the “In Living Color” category of this site. But, eventually it will have it’s own home. We’re also considering making the .tv site the home for all F-Stop Beyond content.


We’re very excited about this phase of F-Stop Beyond. Next month we’ll have a special sit-down with two of the biggest names in the industry: Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink.

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