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Episode 45: Scott Bourne

July 17, 2008

scottbourne.jpgScott Bourne is a nationally recognized leader in the field of photography and technology. His 30 year experience as a pro photographer has covered the entire gamut: fashion; sports; commercial; and yes, even weddings. In the 90s he made it big with the IPO of NetRadio.com (the first online radio network) and then retired. He’s spoken at a number of conferences (e.g. PPA, PMA), has authored four books, produces photography related tutorials on Lynda.com, and co-hosts and/or executive produces about a half-dozen various podcasts, including the hugely popular This Week in Photography. His following is huge. So much so that his decision to switch camera brands generated an incredible amount of buzz (and even garnered him death threats). In our continuing series this month on entrepreneur photographers, we get a peek into the life and mind of this photo luminary and hugely successful businessman.

Next week, don’t miss the inspiring interview with the owner of one of the most successful wedding studios in Southern California, Jim Kennedy.

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