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Episode 44: Liana Lehman

July 10, 2008

liana_lehman.jpgAt the ripe old age of 27-and-a-half, Liana Lehman has accomplished more than many do in their entire life. She’s owned numerous businesses, has been a dancer, a model, is a successful wedding and portrait photographer, speaker, instructor, consultant and an Approved Business Instructor for the PPA. (Of all things, she consults on managerial accounting). From the very young age of 7-ish, she was exercising her entrepreneurial muscles. When other girls her age where playing with dolls, Liana was making over $100 with her neighborhood “fun fairs.” (It’s safe to say she makes a lot more than that now.) In this, our first in a series of interviews with “entrepreneur photographers,” Liana shares with us stories from her youth, some fun anecdotes from her college years, and how she’s dealt with the prejudice she’s faced from some due to her extreme success at such a young age. Sit back and enjoy a side of Liana you’ve never seen (or rather, heard) before.

Next week, we speak with 30 year veteran photographer, tech guru, president of Podango Productions, and co-founder/co-host of the widly popular TWIP website (This Week In Photography) Scott Bourne. You don’t want to miss this one!

Liana was one of the many photographers we recorded at Pictage PartnerCon giving valuable tips. Here’s a the one we reference in the interview: make BHAGS. You can find this and other great tips on Pictage’s blog.


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