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Episode 43: The Best of F-Stop Beyond

July 3, 2008


When I first had the idea of doing a “Best of…” show, it was with the intention of knocking out something real quick for the 4th of July holiday. Who would’ve thought that putting together a “Best of…” show would be as much (if not more) work than a regular episode. Hey. We live and learn. But, it was worth it. I really wanted to make sure we had some great stuff for you. And I think we do. I think every episode is great, so picking just the right nuggets from just the right episodes was quite a task. I think the mix I came up with is a good one.

First, I have an excerpt from my interview with “Young Gun” Jesh de Rox talking about the freedom that comes with looking at the world with child-like eyes and how that plays into the work of the creative artist. Second, I had to have an excerpt from one of the most personal stories shared on the show. Me Ra Koh talks about the journey from trial and triumph she underwent surrounding her experience with date rape…at a Christian university no less. Third, and a bit more light-hearted, is an excerpt from my discussion with “Rock Star” wedding photographer Joe Photo. He shares with us how his rock star image was born. Lastly, we end with the powerfully encouraging and inspirational words of wisdom from Winifred Whitfield talking about overcoming the fears that hold you back.

If you’re new to the show and have missed some of the earlier episodes, this will be a special treat. But regardless, I think these four excerpts will brighten your heart, put a smile on your face, and give you gusto to take on the world. Enjoy!

Next week we kick off our series of interviews with entrepreneur photographers: Liana Lehman, then Scott Bourne, Jim Kennedy, and Jared Bauman. Hopefully their stories will further encourage you all in your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Stay tuned.

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