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Episode 41: Annette Biggers

June 20, 2008

annettebiggers.jpgAnnette Biggers is a woman who believes in something “bigger” than herself. It seems like through a lot of her career life, miracles and “fate” have been a part of her life. Even her foray into photography. With only a degree in architecture, she walked into the studio of Images by Dwayne (where all the associates had degrees from Brooks Institute) and got a job. Her mentor there, Dwayne himself, saw a spark in her and told her, “If you can see the ‘light,’ I can teach you to be a photographer.” Now, over a decade later, her studio Triple Cord Photography is a highly paid studio in its own right. But her miracles didn’t stop there. Inspired by her pastor Rick Warren (renown author of “Purpose Driven Life”), Annette continued to look for her “bigger” purposes in her life. From the start of her studio (her son Colin was inspired after a mission trip to Africa with Becker) to the adoption of her two high-risk children from Los Angeles to the start of her special organization Heart 4 Africa. Heart 4 Africa is bringing cameras and computers to families in Africa who use them for education and earning a living. Annette shares with us her incredibly encouraging story of faith, commitment, conviction, and love. Prepared to be inspired to do things “bigger” than you ever thought. As her pastor says, “If you can achieve your dreams on your own, then your dreams are not big enough.”

Next week, we visit the hilarious Michele Celentano and get a peek into her “Woody Allen” life, as well as her special organization “I Will Remember You.”

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  1. June 22, 2008 at 7:48 am

    “If I can teach you to see light, I can teach you to be a great photographer…” I love that quote. 🙂 great interview Ron! I love meeting new photographers through this site!

  2. Brenda Taylor
    June 24, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    LOVE this interview, Ron! Thanks!

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