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Episode 40: Jim Davis-Hicks

June 12, 2008

jimlaradavina.jpgWhen Jim Hicks joined his wife’s photography studio, he had no idea what an f-stop was. (His mentor at the time couldn’t believe he was actually charging people!) Now, over a decade later, Jim is giving workshops, and commands top dollar for his wedding work (so much so that he only needs to shoot ten weddings a year). Another passion of Jim’s is taking drinkable water to third world countries for people who desperately need it. (Jim shares that 2.5 million people a year die from lack of drinkable water, 90% of whom are children under the age of five). A few years ago, he was “called” to start Thirst Relief International. The story of how he was moved to start the organization is very cool (and kind of trippy actually). In this interview, we learn not only about Jim’s encouraging start into photography, but how Thirst Relief came into being, and specifically the birth of the idea to use auctions by top tier photographers to help raise funds. Last year the organization helped 15,000 people. And what’s even more amazing, all the work Jim does as CEO for Thirst Relief is volunteer. Jim has taken the golden rule and kicked it up a notch. Enjoy.

Next week Annette Biggers of TripleCord Photography shares her “Heart 4 Africa,” and why this upper middle class, successful photographer from The OC was moved to reach out and adopt two at-risk youth from Los Angeles.

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