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Episode 37: Terrell Lloyd

May 22, 2008

terrell.jpgTerrell Lloyd is sort of like the “Ferris Bueller” of photography. Only black. He does everything: sports, commercial, portrait, weddings, speaking, Canon Explorer of Light. And everybody loves him. Whenever I run into him at a conference, he always has a group of people around him, laughing and totally dialed in to whatever he’s saying. If you’re one of those downer types, this ain’t the interview for you. Terrell is always happy and on a high. His positive attitude and stick-to-it-tiveness has helped him accomplish much in life. In this interview Terrell talks about his trek from pro bowler on the PBA Tour (yes, I said bowler), to IT manager for Nortel, to wedding and portrait photographer, to staff photographer for the San Francisco 49ers (for over 10 years now and never has missed a game), and the first African American inducted into the Canon Explorer of Light program. That last one was a goal he proactively pursued and attained. Terrell is sure to inspire you to attain your grandest dreams.

Next week photojournalist and commercial photographer Vincent LaForet shares some amazing and moving stories from his work on Katrina and Afghanistan.

  1. May 23, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Terrell is an amazing guy. He is exactly how you described him Ron. I think I fell in love with him the first time he just shook my hand and smiled! 🙂 I can’t wait to hang out with him again. Thanks for this fun interview!

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