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Episode 17: Jose Villa

January 4, 2008

josevilla.jpgA poor, bright-eyed, compassionate little boy born in Los Guerrero, Mexico, travels at a young age with his mother, father, and two brothers to the California Santa Ynez Valley where he grows up in a little Danish town called Solvang. He eventually graduates from the Brooks Institute, and after a short stint paying the bills from a job at a Rite-Aid Pharmacy, goes on to become an internationally renown wedding and fine art photographer, speaker, instructor, and sponsored by Fuji. If that ain’t the making of an ABC After School Special, I don’t know what is. (Did I just date myself?) I’m talking of WPPI “Young Gun,” and film shooter, Jose Villa, and if his story and journey to photography fame doesn’t inspire you, you’re probably dead. Jose’s take on film vs. digital towards the end of the interview is particularly insightful. You digital shooters may have second thoughts once you hear what he has to say.

(Special note: sincerest apologies to my high school Spanish teacher Mrs. Harrington for bastardizing the pronunciation of Jose’s last name. FYI, it’s VEE-ya, not VILL-a. Doh!)

Also, you’ll notice that the past two shows have been longer than usual. We originally were going to keep each episode in the 25 minute range, and if they got considerably longer than that, split them in two. But, with so many photographers to interview, we’d take forever getting through them all with that method. So, no matter how long an interview goes (within reason), we’ll post it in its uncut entirety. Besides, it’s not like this is live radio. We figured if you can’t finish an episode in the first sitting, you can always come back and pick up where you left off. That’s the beauty of podcasting. Enjoy!

Next week: Jeff and Julia Woods. You DON’T want to miss that one!

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  1. juliet
    January 28, 2008 at 11:18 pm


    Wow such an awesome interview! Thanks for taking the time to share that. It’s really inspiring to hear your love of film isn’t dying any time soon 😀 Keep it up! Are you going to OSPW2 in Napa this year?

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