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Episode 13: Bob and Dawn Davis – Part 2

December 7, 2007

bobanddawn2.jpgThis week we have the second half of my interview with Bob and Dawn Davis. Last week, our discussion ended with Bob and Dawn’s story of how Dawn kept Bob grounded after he got his first big Oprah gig. This week, we pick up where they left off. They also share with us the trials and triumphs they’ve had regarding Bella Pictures, a national wedding photography company that acts as a sort of photo agency with respect to photographers. Bella is a major corporation that does literally thousands of weddings each year around the country. You can’t grow a company like this so large without it causing some controversy in the industry. Hear what Bob and Dawn have to say about their involvement, and the irony of a celebrity photojournalist like Bob shooting for Bella. I think you’ll be surprised. They also get a chance to share about the importance of giving, as well as the pending release of Bob’s training materials through DavisImpact.com. Here’s another exciting episode you don’t want to miss.

Don’t miss next week’s episode with Jesh de Rox. One of my favorite of the year.

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