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Episode 2: Indie Filmmaker JD Cochran

September 27, 2007

jdonset.jpgThe life of an independent filmmaker can be a hard one. Long days shooting and editing. Film festivals. Pitches. Meetings. It takes a person of a certain character to be one. My long-time friend JD Cochran is such a person. He recently finished post production on his film “Paved with Good Intentions.” In this FSB interview, we talk on the phone with JD about his childhood, what it was like being a biracial child, outlook on people, and some fun banter between him and his wife and co-producer Yolanda. Please forgive the audio quality of this particular interview. For some reason JDs side kept fading up and down. You may have to play with your computer volume, but it will be well worth it.

This was actually supposed to be segment 2 of the episode we premiered last week, but we weren’t able to get it posted in time. Better late than never as they say.



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Here’s the trailer to JD’s movie (click the image):

Up next, Jules Bianchi.

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